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Week 7 Working Capital Management - options Every facet of...

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Product delivery is the foundation for our business at my firm. The focus of the entire university is on making our product (the degree programs) the most desirable for both students and employers. Every department works either together or separately but with the same goal in mind, making our product better. Our marketing department is in charge of making sure the message is out to both students and employers that we are the career university. The sales force in constantly involved in training seminars to make sure they are the experts on all our degree programs so they can better serve our customers in helping them find the right degree program in order to be more marketable. The finance department helps students realize their financing
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Unformatted text preview: options. Every facet of the organization is focused on making sure that our working capital or our current assets are the best we have to offer. I think our biggest asset is both our teachers who deliver our product, but also our marketing and sales team who get the students from the beginning of the process all the way to their “seat” in their first class. Our company thrives off training and continuously improving their most valuable assets in order to make our company and our students more successful. I honestly believe that it is the synergy of all the different departments and their different functions working together towards to common vision that makes us to successful....
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