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I think DeVry like most other companies in the education field has a very strong tool that makes them successful, they provide education. Not only do they hire skilled people and put them into key positions but they have an array of opportunities at their disposal to increase the knowledge and skills of their employees by offering educational benefits not only to them but also to their spouses and dependents. Considering the second attribute of a successful company stated in our text, DeVry has many strong relationships with employers who seek out DeVry’s students. This enables DeVry to be more successful by being able to offer a degree that is worth more for the student’s future than
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Unformatted text preview: many of their competitors. Lastly, since DeVry Inc encompasses several successful brands, they have and will continue to have the funding to continue to grow and execute their future plans as mentioned in the third attribute. DeVry will continue to perform well financially because they continue to master these attributes over time. As long as they never lose sight of the key which is that the more successful they are, the more students they can help to reach their goals, they will continue to flourish. This will force them to make more and more connections with employers and hire only the brightest prospects to help the organization stay successful....
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