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DeVry University prides itself on being the career university. This helps to set them apart from their competitors while still maintaining competitive tuition rates. This ensures that their costs, owners, and creditors are covered. DeVry strives to employ instructions that teach within their field of expertise not only to better educate students but also to give students a unique opportunity to network within their field of study. On a broader scale DeVry Inc. has the opportunity of helping a large population of student achieve their goals by encompassing various brands who serve numerous functions. As Nigel explained Ross University is dedicated to employing physicians and veterinarians.
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Unformatted text preview: DeVry Inc. also includes Becker CPA for accounting, Keller Graduate School of Management for continuing education, Chamberlain College of Nursing, and Apollo College for such fields as dental assisting message therapy. This is such an amazing way for DeVry to touch and improve the lives of so many different people who have different goals and dreams to peruse. I think the best part of DeVry’s product is their career services department which strives to help every student achieve employment. They are so successful that 90% of students have a job in career-related positions within six months of graduation. www.devry.edu...
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