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Week 1 Discussion Post 2 - close down physical locations...

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I find this route for Wells Fargo very interesting. More and more people seem to be too busy or because many jobs have become mobile, they may not have the ability to visit a physical branch. Also, if I understand the definition of a digital firm, I think that this is also the direction that Wells Fargo would be moving. The text explains that a digital firm is a business that virtually all of the company’s major business associations with customers both internal and external are digitally mediated and facilitated. So I just wonder how far this mobile banking will take Wells Fargo. Will this transition result in an even bigger drop in face to face banking? Will they have to
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Unformatted text preview: close down physical locations that may be impacted by this decrease in customers? What will happen to the employees at those locations? Will they be cross-trained to take over some of the responsibilities that will come with the mobile banking tasks? It will be very interesting to see how this will affect the success of Wells Fargo. There will of course be some people that will be resistant to the technology based changes and other will embrace it and maybe even switch to Wells Fargo to take advantage of it. Source: Management Information Systems: Managing the Digital Firm (10th Edition) with Student CD-ROM, Laudon and Laudon, published by Prentice-Hall Inc. 2007....
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