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After reading Norma’s article, it got me thinking how the company I work for could benefit from an ERP. There is a significant communication barrier between our various departments. Since we are in sales, the business is obviously competitive to begin with, but I think the scope of importance many times gets skewed by this cutthroat attitude. For example, I work for the online department of the undergraduate side of the university. I work closely with advisors whose job is to contact students who have shown an interest in our university and walk them through the enrollment process. However, if they get a student on the phone that was actually looking for a different aspect of our coursework, such as the nursing school that we are partnered with, our advisors have no way of getting in direct contact with one of their advisors. The same goes for different departments, such as finance or academic advising. We do not have a complete
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Unformatted text preview: directory for internal use that can help these students get to where they need to be. It is not their fault that when they requested the information, that it got routed to the wrong place. The university as a whole should be more responsible for making sure that we have the knowledge to service our students at every level. Lets face it, without students the university cannot continue to employee the amount of people they currently have. The text describes an ERP as a system that accumulates data from various key business processes. There are many departments that could utilize this sort of system in different ways, but it may at least be a way to streamline the information we need to give our students to help them reach their needs in the enrollment process. Source: Management Information Systems: Managing the Digital Firm (10th Edition) with Student CD-ROM, Laudon and Laudon, published by Prentice-Hall Inc. 2007....
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