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Improving business processes through info systems… The article below from the Arizona Republic is concerning the Internal Revenue Service which is the US federal government agency that collects taxes and enforces the related laws. They implemented two new computer systems that were supposed to help speed up and improve access by employees to taxpayer account data. The problem that has risen out of these new technologies is that there are security issues and the tax payers are paying billions for a system that is inept. CADE, one of the systems was supposed to speed up a process and in turn it is leaving taxpayer information vulnerable and some information can be modified or deleted without detection leaving it virtually impossible to track perpetrators. Although the article did not give specific measurements of improvements, it sounds like their should have been more time and effort put into researching the programs and substitutes before making a decision that has serious potential for information leaks. I think a better approach would have been to put off the implementation of these systems until
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