Week 2 Article - Time for E-Commerce 2.0 Not much has...

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Time for E-Commerce 2.0 Not much has changed in e-tailing in the past 10 years. Here are five ways to make online shopping fun and easy By Sarah Lacy Every time I check my e-mail, there's another one: "ONE DAY ONLY!!! Save an EXTRA 50%" "First time ever! TRIPLE INCIRCLE POINTS + Free gift wrap + Free online shipping at any price." That's a sampling of the missives I get multiple times a day from Neiman Marcus , whose online store I use so infrequently that I have no idea what "Triple Incircle Points" are. The all-caps and exclamation points make me wonder whether a teenage girl is writing the copy. How long before smiley faces? But as frenetic and frequent as the e-mails become, they're not getting me—or many other consumers—to do more online shopping. In the 12 months through October, e-commerce grew a meager 1%, compared with 20% a year earlier, according to ComScore ( SCOR ). Game Stopped Changing And don't blame it all on the recession. More than a decade after the Internet revolutionized how we shop, innovation in e-commerce has hit a wall. Make no mistake: Online shopping is still amazingly convenient and the best way to comparison shop. Who doesn't like buying gadgets in their underwear? Yet somewhere along the line the big players just stopped changing the online shopping game. Think about it: Is your experience shopping online any different now than it was 10 years ago? Same old user interface, same promotions on the home page, same shopping cart, same too-long checkout process. E-commerce is at a crossroads. The industry can delude itself that growth will pick up once the economy rebounds, or innovate its way to higher sales. Public companies aren't the best innovators, so I'm betting that it will be scrappy entrepreneurs who use the downturn to start a new e-commerce upheaval. Amazon Continues to Innovate I'm not alone in my wagering. Danny Rimer, of London-based Index Ventures, has already made a fortune by betting early on promising companies, including Skype, which was bought by eBay ( EBAY ), and MySQL, now owned by Sun Microsystems ( JAVA ). He says Amazon.com ( AMZN ) is among the few e-commerce companies that have been pushing the innovation
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Week 2 Article - Time for E-Commerce 2.0 Not much has...

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