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Great article! I find it amazing how much we rely on technology in our everyday lives and yet how little we trust it. I guess questioning its reliability and security is the only way to ensure we are always looking for better ways to secure the data that is being stored not only on our PC’s but on the internet as well. I found another interesting article concerning medical data warehouses. It explains that initially the warehouses were either made to store patient data or medical claims, but not both.
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Unformatted text preview: The example they gave was EMR (Electronic Medical Records). These systems were simply not designed with the bigger picture in mind. Now that there is a higher demand for a system that can do both, companies are turning to SmartCare’s data warehouse. I just found this yet another example of how fast we outgrow technology and it just reiterates how the high the demand for new and better technology. http://www.information-management.com/news/1033722-1.html...
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