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That is a great article. I find this cloud computing topic to be really interesting. I think it is very beneficial to have people outside of a company who are the “experts” in the field handling the technology “stuff.” However, everything I have read so far makes mention to the risks involved or how people are hesitant to get on board with it. I found another great article listed below and the author talks about if Google is in on it, that says a lot for cloud computing. The article also discusses that there are different types of cloud computing and the benefits are immense. One other thing that I found amazing is that there are
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Unformatted text preview: also “virtualized web desktops,” being presented by ITEC. However, there are still many risks to this approach, but it seems like something that really might take off in the next few years and would be very beneficial to many. The bottom line is that privacy is an extremely important issue and needs to be taken seriously. As long as they are continuously working on and improving the security of cloud computing, I think it will be a fantastic tool that will open many new doors in the world of technology. http://www.govtech.com/gt/388296...
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