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Videoconferencing The article I found in Business Week is concerning a videoconferencing company called Lifesize Communications. Their mission is to provide high quality HD video over ordinary internet hardware at a much lower price than their competitors. The problem that they are addressing is to move away from the jittery pictures and unsynchronized pictures and audio that many have become accustomed to in videoconferencing. I know that is exactly what happens when we do a training program via videoconferencing. In fact most times you cannot use the microphones, because you cannot hear and understand the participants. The only person that can talk is the moderator and the rest seem to have to utilize the chat function. One amazing step has been taken by using Lifestyle’s product is in a medical center in Ohio. They have set up the system for telemedicine. This means that patients can be examined by experts at a bigger hospital in Columbus. This is phenomenal and I would not be surprised if this
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Unformatted text preview: takes off at many other smaller medical centers. This would be a fantastic way to cut costs and hopefully get patients on the road to recovery in a much shorter amount of time than it would take to transfer them. In addition this may help people whose insurance will only cover certain centers that do not have the right experts working there. I am not sure how they would work that out, but it could be very beneficial to many of the parties involved if used properly. Lifesize’s competitors are dropping their prices and CISCO has raised the bar by offering telepresence in many consumer and business settings. Unfortunately, Lifesize cannot compete with CISCO at this time but they do have great customer reviews. I would not do anything differently in this case. Lifesize just needs to stay focused on their customer service so they can continue to grow and maybe someday be able to keep up and compete with CISCO. http://www.businessweek.com/magazine/content/08_40/b4102056692071.htm...
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