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I selected the article on improving business processes with the use of IT: http://www.azcentral.com/business/articles/2008/10/16/20081016biz-irscomputersercurity16- ON.html I have found myself relying more and more on technology to not only perform my job, but to perform it more proficiently. At this point it is small things such as learning short cuts in Microsoft Office programs. The best example I can think of off-hand is that I used to keep paper records of files that have issues on them, but now I can simply add a custom flag to the email and always have my notes available whenever I am working out of my shared email account. This also allows my teammates to be up to date in case I am out of the office and someone needs information regarding that file. I hope to continue to learn more “tricks” to make my processes of business run smoothly.
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Unformatted text preview: I find that people are starting to ask me how to do some simple technical things. Also, I would like to help the management team make our sales report (a huge excel file) more user friendly. As it stands now, it is very difficult to fix when problems arise. Takeaway-B-Okay admittedly it does not take much to amuse me…. I finally got a phone that does more than just make calls and send texts. I now have internet capabilities, GPS navigation, and probably several other gadgets I have yet to discover. The point is as I was poking around the phone menus, I found a place to clear my cookies. I think that is so crazy. I knew that phones had come a long way, but I have been with cricket for so long (phones are not that awesome), that I had no idea they were literally “little computers”...
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