Rough Part 1 - Conniecarmen Barrios Norma Alvarado Michele...

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Conniecarmen Barrios, Norma Alvarado, Michele Baker, and Dani Dilodilo Part 1 Rough Draft Products and Services Medi Weight Loss Clinics “The One that Works!” have been in business for 23 years now originating from Florida. Medi is a business that is operating to help the large obesity problem the United States has developed. Obesity is a huge problem within the United States the percentage of U.S. adults that are classified as obese has doubled from 1980 to 2000, from 15% in 1980 to 31% in 2000. (Healthy Weight,) Obesity in U.S. companies has increased the medical costs as well as time off. Approximately 9.1% of the total annual medical care cost and about 39 million lost work days are all associated with being obese. (Employer Costs) Having said that, Medi wants to lend a helping hand in improving the obesity problem in the U.S. corporate offices, by initiating on site visits that offer there unique services. Medi will be offering their service of consultation with a live physician, supplement injections, Nutritional Supplements, Medication, Multi-Vitamins, Weight analysis that descries Body Fat, and Blood Pressure Screening. Before the patient is able to begin this weight loss program they must over go an Initial consultation to verify that their health is able to stand through by the programs needs. The initial consultation is the most important visit the patient will make when deciding to be a healthier human being. With this the patient will receive all of the following: Consultation with our Medi-Weight loss Clinics team of physicians and medical professionals
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A compassionate and caring review of your medical history Comprehensive blood panel EKG Assessment of weight loss goals Body fat analysis Diet and exercise counseling and education First week of medication (if necessary and advised by a physician) Exclusively formulated multi-vitamins and nutritional supplements Complete Starter Kit including a weight management journal so you can document your daily progress Weekly supplemental injections. Medi works with on a phase basis the three phases are the following: Phase 1 is Acute Weight Loss, Phase 2 is Short-Term Maintenance Program, and Phases 3 is the Wellness Program. The three phases will make an impact on the patient’s life to the fullest extent. The initial consultation consists of Phase 1 Acute Weight Loss consists of the following characteristics. In this phase you will get to know your specific measurements in the following:
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Rough Part 1 - Conniecarmen Barrios Norma Alvarado Michele...

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