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Week 1 Discussion - 3 Relevancy – The whole purpose of...

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Due to the fact that Minerva, Antonio, and Norma pretty much covered the areas that the text covers, I found another article to add to the question at hand. In the article below, Tony Zambito describes the areas he feels are the biggest challenges that market research faces today. He describes the following three instances. 1. The “how and why” complex – Many times the focus of research remains with the “who and what” as opposed to understanding customers attitudes and behaviors. If they were to incorporate the how and why into the “who and what,” researchers will be able to uncover advantages in competition and ground-breaking new ideas. 2. Proliferation – Market research has in itself become a very large business. Therefore, the abundance of alternatives for market research is considerable and this may make it difficult to get caught up in the hype instead of focusing on the goal of the research.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Relevancy – The whole purpose of market research is to build on or change the current marketing strategies but by taking the right approach to reach as much of your target consumers as possible. However, too often the research that is conducted is not focused on relevant areas that need attention in the company. Therefore, the results of the study will not allow for new ways to grow and adapt to their target population. Most of the topics we have found in the text as well as the article below seem to follow the same pattern of ideas. It is important to define the “who, what, why, and how” correctly before beginning the research. It seems that the managers need to be sure that they understand what the goal is that they are trying to achieve with the research in order for it to be successful. http://www.personainsights.com/persona_insights/2008/05/three-challenge.html...
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