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I am with Dani on this one. Especially in my current situation where I do not make that much money and it is more important to save money so that I can work toward getting a house and preparing for a wedding and children, I am less likely to impulsively buy a larger item that is not going to have some sort of impact on reaching those goals. I have noticed that obviously my economic standing has an impact on whether or not I can afford pricier items, but the other thing that has come into play is the fact that I am in a serious relationship and the purchases I make affect him as well as myself. My boyfriend and I would like to finish school within the next two years and during those two years work towards buying a home together. Therefore, purchasing something like a laptop that will be useful in my schooling is an item that I would be more likely
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Unformatted text preview: to buy, but I would not want to impulsively buy for example a car or an expensive GPS system. These things will only hinder my ability to save money. I am more like to save that money that I could have spent impulsively so that I will be able to have a decent wedding and a wonderful home to start our family. However, like Dani if the price is right, I would be more likely to impulsively buy a smaller priced item and not think twice about what I could have done with those five dollars. The below article touches on some of the same principles that are affecting the changes in my consumer habits: http://www.allbusiness.com/marketing-advertising/market-research-analysis-market/6256177-1.html...
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