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Week 3 Discussion - Lay and I was unable to find anything...

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I believe that one of the most prominent defense tactics used by Coca Cola and Pepsi is the frontal attack as Norma explains it. For each product that either company comes out with, the other company seems to mirror in response with a similar product. I find it very convenient as a consumer that the companies have done this. Personally, I prefer Coca Cola products, but at least if I go somewhere that does not serve Coca Cola, I can find a comparable Pepsi product. The only big difference I was able to find is that Pepsi has a very large subsidiary group (Frito
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Unformatted text preview: Lay) and I was unable to find anything that showed that Coca Cola had countered by acquiring a similar company. Here are the examples I was able to find other than the bottled water example we already discussed in class: Product: Coke: Pepsi: Energy Beverage Full Throttle AMP Sports Beverage PowerAde Gatorade Juices Hi C and Minute Maid Tropicana and Dole Tea Nestea Lipton Coffee Caribou Iced Coffee Starbucks Frapacinos Carbonated Beverages Vanilla Coke Coke Blue Sprite Sierra Mist Fanta TAVA Mellow Yellow Mountain Dew Odowalla Sobe Barq’s Mug...
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