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I agree with Minerva that these are very important questions that need to be address immediately. Also, since Norma covered some of the key factors the book mentioned, I found an interested website that touches on some other areas of concern that I would have never thought of. It is always risky to let another company get their hands on your product, so the website offers some tips on various levels of risks. On the top on their list of risks is that wholesale warehouses are at risk of fire damage. Therefore, one of the questions that we should eventually go over with Washburn Electronics is what steps they take to prevent fires at their facilities where our products will be stored. A second area of concern is crime and theft. Warehouses may be very tempting to thieves since they house such a large amount of products, especially in this case
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Unformatted text preview: where the wholesale warehouse will be filled with electronics which are easy to resell. Here again it would be important to ask Washburn what preventative steps they will take to try to keep our products safe. Lastly, there is always a risk of data loss. So it would be important to find out what sort of back-up system they will have in place. I would ask them if they plan on keeping paper back-up or hard drive back-ups. These may not be as important as the questions that Minerva and Norma brought up, but as I stated, I thought these were very interesting concerns that I would have never thought of before reading this article. http://www.alliedinsurance.com/allied/web/content/risk_wholesaler_page.jsp...
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