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Unformatted text preview: GM600 BPlan Outline and Grading Guide Last Updated: Jan 2008 Please use this outline and grading package as a guide to write your Keller GM600 Business Plan projects. Your faculty member will use it as a grading guide as well. This package is meant to provide very specific direction to the important elements of a business plan as practiced in Keller’s MBA Capstone course. While it serves as a general topic outline for our plans, each plan will vary somewhat from this structure. GM600 is intended to be a comprehensive evaluation of the key objectives you have studied and learned at Keller. This Business Plan (BPlan) assignment will challenge you to put into practice the concepts you have learned in your MBA program. To that end, your team is challenged to develop a business plan that brings in real world understanding and information. As a team, you will research your chosen marketplace, and use realistic and real- world information as the foundation of your plan. You will demonstrate that your concepts have been researched and are viable by utilizing and implementing Primary Research in your plan. Although the plan speculates through a 5- year projection as to what will happen with your business, you will use actual documented facts to support these projections. The plan outline and key questions to be answered are supplied in this guide. If you follow the outline here, as well as do the readings in your textbook, and utilize the lecture and tutorial guidelines, you will be on your way to creating a viable Business Plan. Please review this document and refer to it throughout the term. Importantly, you should allow the grading rubric to somewhat organize your plan--this way, your faculty member will have at his or her fingertips, the needed information in an organized fashion, to allow your team to achieve the most points possible. However, do not approach this in a "cook-book" method as you will find that no two plans will (or should) be alike. Depending upon your business (whether service, product based or a combination of both; retail vs. wholesale; consulting vs. proprietary) you will have to follow the plan with an eye and ear toward your business's needs. Your faculty member, an expert in business, will already understand this, so do not be concerned if, for example, your service organization doesn't have a "cost of goods sold." Although you will turn the plan in through separate drafts for initial feedback from your instructor, the actual graded document comes in Week 8. It will be the entire completed plan, which should read as one uniform document. The executive summary ties together the entire plan into a unified whole and should be no more than two (2) pages -- it should be able to stand alone as a great persuasive marketing tool for your business. You will want potential investors to be able to glean the jist of your project from that Executive Summary, including your exit strategy and pay-out (proposed) to them. Please review the other two tabs in this spreadsheet to see exactly how your instructor...
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Copy of GM600NewMasterPlan - GM600 BPlan Outline and...

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