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Management and Operations Plan - Community State Farm Agency Licensing, zoning, and legal concerns As a State Farm independent contractor, the agent’s goal is to establish an office in area that can cover approximately a 50 mile radius. The location does not have to be in a heavy foot-traffic or be tied to an anchor location, but primarily in a commercial area with nearby residential locations. The agent or associated staff often visit customer’s homes and businesses so establishing a proper location is key. In terms of establishing the business, the agent is sponsored by State Farm but not directly controlled by them nor is the business a franchise. Detailed information can be found on that State Farm web site at . In general, the agent is responsible for all expenses; however State Farm does provide support to help manage these expenses. Agents have the option of renting furniture and equipment for a monthly rate to assist with start-up costs. Some equipment may come at little or no cost for the agent. A site selection analysis has shown that the following property to be a good candidate location for the agency. It is zoned in a commercial area of Englewood, Colorado ( ), which is a suburban location near Denver. This provides the advantage of proximity to downtown Denver (less than 10 miles) but at a much more affordable leasing cost. Location: 5039 S Federal Blvd, Englewood, Colorado. Remodeled office (paint, carpet, etc.) 1105 Square Feet AC, ample parking, easy access to major highways Waiting room area, receptionist area, 4 private offices, storage and bathroom Pros: $875/month with the first month free. Forty percent of residents with .5 miles have an income of 50k or more, fifteen percent have an income of 100k or more. Cons:
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Building appearance leaves some to be desired. Licensed staff members will adhere to all licensing regulations per the Colorado Division of Insurance ( ). Licensing is required by each licensed member for each insurance product sold. Curriculum Vitae of Management The management team’s resumes are available in Appendix A. Delegation of management Danielle Usher will function as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and owner of Community State Farm Agency. All management, operations and business decisions are ultimately handled by Danielle. Operations Strategy and Execution Community State Farm Agency will offer a variety of insurance related policies via services and therefore is considered primarily “service” focused. The products are insurance policies that are sold to the policyholder as a promise on behalf of State Farm, which ensures State Farm will be there as promised in the event of the unexpected. The office will be evaluated by its consumers based upon the level of professionalism and customer service each of them receives, from first walking in the door for their initial
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Final_Operations_Draft_Group_C[1] - Management and...

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