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Marketing Plan Product or Service Concept State Farm is a strong brand offering superior customer service making the company a leading provider of insurance policies. The excellent customer service provided by State Farm agents, licensed staff members, and the rest of the employees is how the company has been able to reach such amazing heights in market share. Community State Farm Agency will offer 10 quality insurance products to fit every customer’s needs. The following is a description of all products available through the licensed staff members (Insurance Coverage and Quotes, 2010). Homeowner’s Insurance This type of policy offers protection for the home as well as personal possessions, personal liability and even potential lawsuits. A customer’s personal belongings will be valued at their replacement value, not their depreciated value. One example of the security homeowner’s insurance offers is in the event of a fire and a home becomes uninhabitable, State Farm covers the cost of a place for the customer to live until they are able to move back into their home. Renter’s Insurance State Farm is also number one in Renter’s Insurance in America. Customers who do not own their home still need the protection provided by Renter’s Insurance policies. Renter’s insurance may provide coverage and protection for a customer’s personal property against fire, theft, and vandalism. This type of insurance also helps by providing security and protection in case of a liability lawsuit. Condo Owner Insurance This policy will be different from a homeowner or renter insurance policy. Therefore, a special insurance policy has been created to suit the need of customers who own a dwelling that is insured by a Condominium, Townhome, or Homeowner Association, a Cooperative, Planned Community, or any other similar type of organization. The goal of this insurance is to provide coverage for some areas that are not insured by the Condo or Townhome type of organizations. Personal Liability Umbrella Unfortunately people today are suing each other more and more. Judgments are being handed down for hundreds and thousands of dollars all over the country for injuries. In the event that someone is injured or their property in damaged by a customer, customers could be sued and be held liable for a very expensive judgment. This type of policy puts a limit on the amount a person can be liable for. In most cases a jury will not award more than those limits. Personal Article Although a homeowner’s policy can provide some coverage for personal items, customers may need additional coverage for the personal belongings. Personal Article policies can cover the following: fine art, jewelry, furs, cameras, silverware and gold articles, collectables, sports, musical, golf, and computer equipment. Auto Insurance
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Marketing Plan-Final Submission - Marketing Plan Product or...

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