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Office Staffing Structure: The objective of each team member of Community State Farm agency will be to: 1. Continuously enhance their knowledge of the insurance policies offered 2. Maintain positive relationships with their Underwriting partners, and 3. Provide the highest level of customer service to policyholders. Danielle Usher, the owner and Licensed Agent will be responsible for maintaining the reputation of the company by 1. Becoming involved with community events 2. Establishing interpersonal relationships with her clients and 3. Resolving any issues that might arise. The rest of the team will consist of 2 licensed staff members and a receptionist - Although they will have their respective specializations licensed staff members will be familiar with all products in order to provide world class customer service to all customers - The receptionist will be responsible for not only all the general office responsibilities, but also for customer and staff support. Often this individual will be the one who provides the initial perception to our customer, so the upmost courtesy, general knowledge of the company and its products, as well as professionalism will be a consistent requirement. As you can see the current office allows for growth to a total of 4 licensed staff members and possibly an office manager. Questions: This concludes our presentation and we can therefore open the floor to any questions. Financial Summary Our Sector and Industry Analysis shows Insurance sales have been decreasing to stable over the past 4 years, mainly due to the reduction in the valuation of housing.
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Even faced with recession, State Farm still found itself within the top 40 of the Fortune 500 list in 2009 and 2010. This shows how customer loyalty, a large media marketing campaign, and satisfied customers are critical. Insurance claims have increased nationwide recently. Although this is considered a downfall, the increase in catastrophic situations like wildfires, flooding, and hail damage in the Denver/Englewood area reminds the consumers of the importance of automobile,
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Powerpoint Notes - Office Staffing Structure The objective...

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