Team C Management and Operations Plan

Team C Management and Operations Plan - DRAFTv2 Management...

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DRAFTv2 Management and Operations Plan - Community State Farm Agency Licensing, zoning, and legal concerns Determine your location and business environment, and address all legal, zoning, and licensing concerns your business will face. What form of business will you set up? Why? See the Webliography of the course for some tools in doing this, and look back to GM520 and 597 for more help. Joe to provide input. Curriculum Vitae of Management These are your management (typically the team's) resumes, photos, backgrounds and other pertinent information of the managers of the business. Use your own. Joe to provide input. Delegation of management concerns Who will be the CEO, CFO, COO, CIO, etc? You guys? If so, add this section with the one above for a concise and neat effect. Joe to provide input. Operations Strategy and Execution Describe how your business will “operate.” If you make a product, describe the production. If you offer a service, describe each step of that service. If you are a retailer, location, product mix, and suppliers are important. Danielle to provide input. Community State Farm Agency will be offer a service, as the product received is not tangible per se. Yes, they receive a document with a policy number but the product is an insurance policy that is sold to the policyholder as a promise on behalf of State Farm, it ensures they will be there as promised in the event of the unexpected. The office will be evaluated by its consumers by the level of professionalism and customer service each of them receives each step of the way, from first walking in the door for their initial consultation to working with the staff to receive a settlement for their first auto claim. In order to ensure the highest quality of customer service and knowledge, the operations of the office will be very direct. First off, we will have a full time receptionist that will be responsible for greeting all customers, taking and making phone calls, scheduling appointments, initiating cold calling leads and receiving payments. Next, although the two licensed staff will be familiar with all product types, they will each be specialized in half of the products. This will increase their ability to have a strong knowledge base within those products. The first licensed staff will be specialized in Homeowners, Renters, Condo, Personal Liability Umbrella Policy and Personal Articles Policies. The second licensed staff will be specialized in Automobile, Recreational Vehicle, Business Insurance, Long Term Care, and Term Life Insurance.
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Finally, above all of these roles will be the agent. The agent will be responsible for maintaining the reputation of the company by becoming involved with community events, establishing interpersonal relationships with her clients, and resolving any issues that might arise. In addition, the agent is also responsible for being licensed in all products as their priority will be the accuracy of the products sold and serviced within the office. The objective of each member of the agency team will be to continuously enhance their
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Team C Management and Operations Plan - DRAFTv2 Management...

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