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TEAM topic and CHARTER TEAM:   C -  TEAM DURATION: 8 weeks DEPARTMENT:  REPORTING TO:  Professor  MEMBER NAME ROLE  PHONE/FAX EMAIL Danielle Usher  Team Leader  253-222-3951 Betsy Buys  Finance Lead  Jeff Deweese  Operations Lead  Michele Baker Presentation  623-206-8102 Michelebaker26@yahoo. Andrew "Joe"  Presentation TM  Tamara Ellison  Finance TM 678-457-0500 ellisontamara@hotmail.c Responsibility Matrix: Assignment (Team Danielle Betsy Jeff Michele Joe Tamara Marketing ST TM Operations TM ST TM Finance (you may want ST TM TM Presentation ST TM Editor (optional) ST ST – Sub-team lead TM – Team member  TEAM GOALS (include project assignment goals, group process goals, quality level goals): (Each team should look at this general  list and enhance it for your own team’s map!) This should be 100% filled out by the end of Week 1 and submitted to your team  thread and to your instructor for approval! GM600 Keller Graduate School of Management Capstone Conflict Management.
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Week 1: Establish team, pick topic and prepare team charter. Do all readings and worksheets.  Determine team member strengths. Pick Team leader (in charge of managing the project and  editing/putting pieces together and submission.)  Team TOPIC:   Opening an office as an independent State Farm Insurance agent. This would encompass the  task of determining a location for the office, hiring and licensing of employees, organization of  the everyday operations, managing overhead and managing the quota monthly in order to earn  bonuses. The financing will be essential to establish and maintain each of these elements until 
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GM600TeamC_Charter - TEAM topic and CHARTER TEAM:C...

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