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TEAM topic and CHARTER TEAM:    TEAM DURATION: 8 weeks DEPARTMENT:  REPORTING TO:  Professor  MEMBER NAME ROLE  PHONE/FAX EMAIL Sample Responsibility Matrix: Assignment (Team Kim Christy Larry Ahmed Daniel Marketing ST TM Operations TM ST Finance (you may want ST TM TM Presentation TM ST Editor (optional) ST ST – Sub-team lead TM – Team member  TEAM GOALS (include project assignment goals, group process goals, quality level goals): (Each team should look at this general  list and enhance it for your own team’s map!) This should be 100% filled out by the end of Week 1 and submitted to your team  thread and to your instructor for approval! GM600 Keller Graduate School of Management Capstone Conflict Management.
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Week 1: Establish team, pick topic and prepare team charter. Do all readings and worksheets.  Determine team member strengths. Pick Team leader (in charge of managing the project and  editing/putting pieces together and submission.)  Team TOPIC:   Week 2: Do all readings and establish subteams: (For a 5 member team, everyone should have  2 roles.) Marketing:  SubLeader: Member: Operations: SubLeader: Member: Finance: SubLeader: Member: Member: Presentation:  Subleader: Member:   Week 3:  Operations plan due at end of week. Week 4:  Finance plan (all but exit strategy and valuation) due at end of week. Feedback from 
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GM600TeamCharterTemplaterev[1] - TEAM topic and CHARTER...

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