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Chapter 4 good

Chapter 4 good - Lucy Guttenberger POLI 100 Recitation Week...

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Lucy Guttenberger POLI 100 Recitation Week of October 4th Gucci Gulch Chapter 4: A Politician Comes to the Treasury The beginning of chapter four brought forth a great reversal of roles within President Regan’s internal staff and cabinet. Treasury Secretary Regan switched roles with Chief of Staff Baker in 1985, an agreement met by both characters in order help further tax reform. With Regan as Chief of Staff, he would be better situated to secure the president's blessing for reform and Baker's reputation for accomplishing near impossible legislative feats improved the odds for winning congressional approval for some sort of reform. Also, Baker was exhausted from his job as Secretary of State. In moving to Treasury, Baker brought along Darman, who balanced out Baker and was the perfect back room strategist to help with tax reform, despite his arrogant and egotistical personality. After switching roles, Baker went to Capitol Hill for a Confirmation hearing with Finance Committee to understand their sentiments about tax reform. The overall consensus was pro-tax
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