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Chapter 7 - Ch 7 Gucci Gulch The Bear Takes One in the Back...

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Ch 7 Gucci Gulch: The Bear Takes One in the Back Reagan, Regan, Baker, Darman and Dennis Thomas met on the night of Nov 22nd, when the bill would be finished by the Ways and Means Committee o Decided to write a letter and call ranking Republicans on the Committee early to show their support o Thomas convinced Regan to hold off on the call and support till they saw the bill because so many of the House Republicans were unhappy Regan finally gave Baker a promise of the president's support of the process if no further changes were made o Darman would read a statement after markup; the bill was changed though, so the final vote was put off and Treasury went ten days without word from the president Dec. 3rd- roll call vote was finally held and only 5 of 13 Republicans supported it o Republicans were mad when support for the bill didn't come from Reagan; House republicans had been stifled and were then asked to support the awkward tax bill
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