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Chapter 8

Chapter 8 - Erin Rowe Political Science Gucci...

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Unformatted text preview: Erin Rowe October 29, 2010 Political Science Gucci Gulch—Chapter 8 At a Christmas party on December 17 th , Senator Packwood’s largest fear becomes a reality: the tax reform was passed in the House. His new responsibility is now to create a Senate tax-reform bill or be acused by the president and press of trying to end tax reform. This process was inevitably difficult because of the large proportion of pro-business sentiment who greatly favored business executive s and special-interest groups in Packwood’s committee who greatly treasuring tax breaks. Though few in the Senate thought the tax reform would pass in the House, once it did, they were prepared for an all-out lobbying effort to stop in the senate. Major corporations, trade associations, and pressure groups began hiring big names in Washington in hopes to protect themselves. Tax reform became a lucrative incentive to join lobbying ranks and K Street took off. Lobbyist began attending high-priced fundraisers, and tax writers reaped the K Street took off....
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