Dec 6 - Political Science December 6 2010 Foreign Policy 1...

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Political Science December 6, 2010 Foreign Policy 1. An Overview a. Government protects us in the world and in the country b. People live better lies when they are safe in personal well being and property safety c. No international controlling agent…might makes right…making it chaotic d. UN—has some real power but does it really control terrain? No. e. Every country has a set of values they want to pursue 2. Values, Roles, Instruments a. Values—what you are after? What goal or goals do you seek to accomplish. (The tension between realism and idealism) b. Roles—These are the various roles you play to accomplish these goals: e.g. negotiator, trader, warrior, proselytizer c. Instruments—institutions, administrative arrangements, and other vehicles which can be utilized to play the various roles the country might take on (e.g., army, navy, air force, state department, treaties, CIA, trade agreements, United Nations d. Values that have been pursued by the United States d.i. Democratic expansion d.ii. Anticommunism d.iii. Capitalism expansion (imperialism) d.iii.1. A lot of expansion for economic support d.iv. Self-interest d.iv.1. Countries want to succeed and do well 3.
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Dec 6 - Political Science December 6 2010 Foreign Policy 1...

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