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Midterm 3 Exam Answers

Midterm 3 Exam Answers - Midterm 3 Exam Answers Section One...

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Midterm 3 Exam Answers Section One: 1. Fragmentation a strength- The agenda is broad and Congress can focus better on narrow problems 2. Logrolling- the trading of votes between legislators so each get what they most care about 3. Service strategy- providing good service like helping problems constituents face to enhance chances go getting reelected 4. 3 reasons why Speaker is more powerful than Majority Leader of senate- (1) Chairman of Rules committee (2) Acknowledge who speaks (3) leadership is more important in House (more hierarchal) (4) Can construct ad hoc committees (5) Speaker is 3 rd in line for presidency 5. Pork-barrel spending a prisoners dilemma- any member is better off if he or she gets pork barrel spending for his/her own district but congress is better off if there is no pork barrel spending 6. President more powerful as domestic or foreign policy- foreign policy in terms of constitutional powers (1) diplomacy (2) wage war (3) executive agreements a.
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