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Oct. 11 - Political Science Political Parties and Political...

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Political Science October 11, 2010 Political Parties and Political Change Political Party 1. A citizen’s dilemma a. With little time and money, in what way are citizens in power? Get voice through elections. b. How do citizens control government? 2. The critical ideas of representation and accountability a. Direct representation: the view that elected official pursues policies that reflect the views of the citizens that elect them. b. Accountability: the view that as policy is implemented that those responsible for creating the policy can be identified, and subsequently rewarded or punished depending on whether the policy succeeds or fails b.i. Should examine policy rather than reaction of are things going well or things going poorly? b.ii. Basic notion of accountability; are things going well “or are things going poorly? Citizen’s dilemma is incorporated into this. 3. A definition of political party a. In regards to voting, if you don’t know anything about a particular candidate, siding with a political party is a good place to start. b. Political parties help individual people gain power. Having two political parties gives people a sense of how their individual vote will affect legislation. c. A party is any political group identified by an official label that presents at election and is capable of placing through election (free or nonfree) candidates for public office. 4. Development of political parties a. Why do parties develop so rapidly? Washington warned about the dangers of parties in his Farwell Address. b. Organized parties will always takes priority over non organized parties. c. There is no country that has a democracy that lacks a political party system.
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Oct. 11 - Political Science Political Parties and Political...

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