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Positive Psychology - The study of positive emotions, positive character traits, and the enabling institutions - Focus on building strength as well as remediating weaknesses - Find meaning and purpose in life - Not necessarily automatic with the removal of distress and suffering What is normal mental health? - Feelings of competence - Autonomous support - Relatedness - Personal growth - Purpose on life - Autonomy - Self-acceptance - Positive relations with others - Environmental mastery Areas of Psychology - Clinical - Counseling - Developmental - Social- helping behavior, compliance, stereotypes, group behavior, aggression, attitudes,
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Unformatted text preview: attraction o How cognition and emotions interact with situations to produce behavior-Industrial o Industry o How to hire people? o What tests to come up with to hire people?-Organizational o How to work more effectively o How to help managers work effectively with employees o Leadership development-Personality-Biological-study of biological basis of behavior o What is the role of brain structures? o What is the role of neural transmitters?...
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