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EXAM #1 – PSYCHOLOGY 101 – SPRING, 2011 – REVIEW SHEET Hi, the review sheet is provided below. The exam will have 60 multiple choice items. The exam is a mix of items from the text book and the notes. Any exercises or film clips shown in class are also fair game for the exam. If I sent a brief article (e.g. the one on the Harvard research) and asked everyone to read it, then that is fair game as well. Jazmin, Adrianne, and Chris will have extra office hours and review sessions next week (they will email you the times). Please bring a picture ID to class, a number two pencil, and a scantron. PLEASE COME TO CLASS ON TIME! We will admit students in to the exam until one student has left. Then, we will NOT admit anyone into the exam. Chapter one – The Evolution of Psychology 1. Know the different schools of psychology (i.e., structuralists; functionalists, and positive) including the people associated with them.
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