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October 10, 2011 Learning to Live Together: Agglutinated Dwellings, Long Houses, and Nucleated Settlements Neo-local: prominent way to live in US – married couple establishes a new residence Why live in large residential grouping (family based or not)? Large labor pool for working land, herding animals, or crafting goods o Created by post marriage patterns (uxorilocal or patrilocal) o Ex: Serbian zadruga (large patrilineal decent group) concern with descent through male line o Residential groups as “corporate” o Large residential groups also can form as a result of polygamy Bafut of Cameroon (largely wealth dependent) Childcare more readily available than in nuclear family residences Concern for protecting/storing domesticated plants and/or animals Defense Serbian Farmhouse (of a zadruga head?) Genealogy chart of zadruga showing only male members of patriline Traditional longhouse (Dartmoor. Uk) “old” and “new” long house dwelling forms, Dartmoor, UK
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