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10.14.11 - • Painting on walls – stalking wild game(not...

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October 14, 2011 Decorated Dwellings of Catalhyuk: a Neolithic tell in Turkey A Neolithic tell: a mound of old housing, layered one on top of another, place occupied over long period of time, structure built on top of each other Known for decorated walls, frescos on the walls Catalhoyuk in regional context o 5400-4000 BC o Eastern tell and western tell o Only excavate small tell sights Living together at Catalhoyuk o Nucleated mud-brick town of farmers, pastoralists and hunters Excavations ongoing – directed by Ian Hodder, Stanford U James Mellart and wife excavated at Catalhoyuk in 1960s Excavations cover findings to protect murals from elements “art” and symbols in private spaces o Possibly religious expression?
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Unformatted text preview: • Painting on walls – stalking wild game (not sheep and goats) o The hunt is a very important thing • Geometric designs on wall murals • Mural showing active volcano looming over town? o Interpreted as volcano going off and possibly a map of Cata. itself • Reconstructin of wall mural with bucranium • Insitu Bucranium o Horns (and head) of wild bulls used as house decoration (or shrine?) • Figurines o Clay, head and leopard by left arm reconstructed o Possible female goddess • Keeping ancestors close by o Practice of residential burial at Cata. both intrusive and dedicatory • Burial o Young female buried in flexed position and holding a skull that was plastered and painted red...
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