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October 19, 2011 Great Kivas of Stone-Built Chaco Canyon (AD 1000-1100) Topographies of the Southwest Dendro chronology (looking at how old trees are) Contemporary Pueblo Dwellers in the American SW Who were the ancestors of contemporary pueblo dwellers? Why did they abandon the old places? Archeological designations Pit house pueblos between 700-950 Then moved to above grounds made of adobe or stone Above ground rectangular architecture (pueblos) after 800 o Rectangular arch is around huge circle (kiva) Kiva at Bandelier National Park o Cliff palace, Mesa Verde, CO Chaco Canyon as hub of road systems
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Unformatted text preview: Plans of GreatHouses in Choaco Caynon o Not all built identically o Have one rounded side o Most are ciricles o Kivas inside o Rectangular rooms Pueblo Bonito Great House, Chaco Canyon o Hundreds of rooms Great Kiva at Chetro Ketl Casa Rinconada a standalone kiva Kivas all have similar set-up Gathering Clouds over Pueblo Alto What happened at Chaco Canyon Textbook example of societal failure or Lesson lesson in resilience from Puebloan people? Tgtbt5t555555555t555gbgtttgtg555555555555555555555555555555ttt...
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