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October 31, 2011 Mystery Cultigens of American Habitats Squash (All Americas) Black Beans (Mesoamerica) Jicama (South America) Cacao (chocolate) (Mesoamerica) Lima Beans (South America) Avocado (Mexico) Gourds (used as water containers around America) Sweet potatoes (Andes region; South America) Tomatillos (Mexico, Mesoamerica) Cotton (Mesoamerica, South America) Walnuts (North America) Manioc (South America) Potato (Indies) Tobacco (Montezuma) Papaya (Mesoamerica)
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Unformatted text preview: • Cranberries (North America, North East) • Pineapple (Mesoamerica) • Vanilla (Mesoamerica, South America) • Tomato (South America) • Sunflower seeds (North America) • Prickly pear (Mesoamerica) • Kinowa (South America) • Cashews (Mesoamerica) • Jalapeño/Chili peppers (South America) • Wild rice (North America) • Corn (Mesoamerica) • Amaranth (Mesoamerica/Ancient Mexico) • Peanuts (South America) • Pecan (North America)...
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