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11.4.11 - around AD 1200 • Polynesian Rat discovers the...

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What happened on Rapa Nui? Textbook example of ecoside Rapa Nui (Easter Island) 3,000 miles to nearest neighbors and W-E biogeographical trends Jubae chilensis palm trees are related to palm trees that were on rapa nui Rapa Nui Today Rapa Nui: Landing of Europeans in 17 th century Palm-tree dominated habitat First landing at Anakena around AD 1200 Anakena Dun Site o Provides supporting evidence for short chronology for settlement of Rapa Nui
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Unformatted text preview: around AD 1200 • Polynesian Rat discovers the palm nuts of Rapa Nui palm forests Rapa Nui it a text book example of “eco-cide” • Population decline on Rapa Nui following European Incursion of 1722 and later • Few trees but decedents survive “Lessons” of Rapa Nui: • Farmers transform landscapes • Ecological vulnerability of islands • Rapaciousness of European colonization • Resilience of people of Rapa Nui...
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