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Rulers and Their Habitats: Moai of Rapa Nui The status that walked – by terry hunt and carl lipo and Impact of Rulers on Habitat o Tendency for settlement of “Central Place” o Emergence of settlement hierarchy o Surrounding population supports family of ruler o Architecture (both dwellings and shrines) becomes larger and more elaborate o Ancestors of rulers merge with deities and often are housed in monumental mortuary Cristaller’s central place model proposed to explain marketplace patterns o Works for political seats of power as well in idealized fashion 3 types of settlemts o Nucleated Moroccan ksar o Costa Rican dispersed dwelings on coffee plantation o Nucleated and linear village with dwelling of chief (ahemfie) and absomfie (ancestor house, Ashante, Gana First recognizable rulers in Mesopotamia around 3000 BC
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