11.11 - o < 10,000 people o One of most...

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November 11, 2011 Early Cities and Rulers: A Royal Interment for the King of Ur Island Villages of the Ma’dan, So Iraq o Between the confluence of Tigris and Euphrates rivers o Farmers and water buffalo herders Iraq today and in the past – “Not a Garden of Eden” o Area of irrigation agriculture o No hard stone o No trees – no pottery o Challenging place to live Sumerian Cuneiform tablets o Earliest writing system in the world by 3000BC Made of clay (lots of it!) o Administrative and economic topics Ur: 19 th century lithograph of the tell at Ur o One of the largest and longest occupied tells in Mesopotamia o (Sumerian to Babylonian) British archeologist Sir Leonard Woolley excavates at Ur in 1920s o Joint UPenn and British Museum Project o Artifacts divided among 3 museums: UPenn, Brit Museum, and Iraqi Nat’l Musem Walled city of Ur around 2400BC o Surrounded by water o A places palaces, ziggurats, and modest residences
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Unformatted text preview: o < 10,000 people o One of most nucleated settlements then Ziggurat of Ur o Build of adobe blocks and larger stone o More blocky o Shrine of Nanna(r) at Ur o Mesopotamian temple (ziggurat) to deities Woolleys photos of excavation trench and crew in 1920 o Map drawn by Woolley of royal cemetery at UR o Early reconstruction of burial preparations o A lot of information about how the afterlife was perceived with what was buried with individuals Who was buried in the royal cemetery? o Gold helment of King Mes-Kalam-dug o Gold and Lapis Headdress of Queen Pu-Abi o (not mentioned in the Mesopotamian Kings List) Small sampling of gold and lapis artifacts from the Royal Cemetery of Ur: o Lyre o Bulls head o Goat-in-thicket November 11, 2011 o Board game o Royal Standard of Ur Looted in 2003...
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11.11 - o < 10,000 people o One of most...

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