9.9.11 - • Made stone tools • Living and dying at...

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September 9, 2011 Neanderthals and an Awareness of Afterlife Neanderthal bones of old, arthritic male from La Chappelle, France gave H. sapiens neanderthalensis a bad rap N learned to live in different habitats N group in Peri-glacial environment Co-habited with cave bears Limestone solution sinkholes of Atapuerca Mountains, Spain Sute if 400,000 hominid bones and remains of cave bears, lions, foxes, wolves…. Ancestors possibly found at bottom of sinkhole Characteristics of higly fractured hominid remains at Sima de los Huesos: o Many teens and young adults o 50% aged 10-18 years old o Not over 40 years o Average height = 5’7’’ o Robust individules o Disease and trama evidence o Extensive ear on teeth o Drag marks across incisors o 100% right handed o Skill 5, male? Survived several blows to the head Severely infected tooth probable cause of death How at bottom of sinkhole? o After death, thrown over the edge of sinkhole
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Unformatted text preview: • Made stone tools • Living and dying at Shanidar Cave (NE Iraq) – up to 100,000 years ago • Large trench excavation by Ralph Soleki, 1950 • Amid massive ave spalls in center of cave (earthquake zone • 8.5 meters (over 40 feet) of Middle Paleolithic (Neanderthal) deposits • Found: o 7 adults, 2 infants buried at Shanidar o Child burial, spring flower pollen found around head o Adult male 30-45 years old Fractured head Healed 8 th rib Buried flexed on right side with 10 medicinal plants such as cornflower • Neanderthals o Active, indury pattern resembles a rodeo cowboy o Accomplished hunters and makers of stone tools o Weathered per0glacial environment o Lived in habitat that included cave bears September 9, 2011 o Musicians (flute of cave bear cub bine) o Compassionate and nurturing behaviors o Buried deceased infants and adults...
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9.9.11 - • Made stone tools • Living and dying at...

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