9.23.11 - • Saami Family live in dents in Norway o...

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September 23, 2011 People Who Live in Round Houses People originally lived in round houses Natufian communities o Circular dwellings of stacked stone built o 13,000-10,000 BC o By hunters and gatherers After Plistonsene Pre-pottery Neolithic A o Mud-brink round houses o Cultivation of wild grains o Included community food storage o Plant domestication is debated Pre-pottery Neolithic B o Rectangular mud-brick houses o Built next to each other o Farming and food storage o Interior walls display ritual symbols like bull horns and skulls of ancestrs Stone circles of Gobekli Tepe built during Pre-Pottery Neolithic A Advantages of round dwellings o Portable (if constructed of organic material) o Strong geometric form o No cold or drafty corners Nunavut Iglus o Territories, Canada with all the comfort sofo the home and no drafty corners Tuareg o Bent frame dwelling in Central Africa o Using camels to move a Gabbra pastoralist encampment in Kenya, Africa
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Unformatted text preview: • Saami Family live in dents in Norway o Reindeer herders o Tent called: atnaris-kahte • Basarwa Kung encampment o Kalihari desert, Namibia • Yurt-dwelling pastoralists o Central Asia – Caspian Sea to central Mongolia • Navajo sheep pastoralists log Hogan in northern Arizona • Social and gender-specific spaces within hogans and yurts o Hogan built so opening facing east so facing rising sun o Both cases: idealized partitioning of space (where people sit/put things); a lot of gender specific areas • Maintaining the circular form among people with a pastoralist past o House in Botswana, southern Africa • Persistence of round structures for ritual architecture o Kiva built by Southwestern September 23, 2011 o Pueblo people o Circa AD 1150 o At Bandelier, NM...
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9.23.11 - • Saami Family live in dents in Norway o...

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