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350final-1 - Five step Check visually:correct layout and...

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Five step : Check visually:correct layout and format, page numbers,placement of supporting material. Mechanical problems:typographical errors,spelling,punctuation.Accuracy:correct spelling of names,titels,and places,correct numbers.Errors in grammar.conciseness, clarity and professional language. Presentation: Preparation:know purpose and audience, organization:introduction,body,closing. Write presentation script. Check timing, transiction and seating.Delivery: Practice.No reading from notes,monitor,screen. Projection and inflection.No fillers, non-specific words or casual language.Movement.Eye contact.Visuals:consistent template, font and transiction.Font size:28-44 point. One main idea per slide: 3-5 point per idea, no more than 5-7words per point.Run spelling check and proofreading. Use graphs chart and illustrations.Titel all slides.Use appropriante capitalization. Don’t use negative sigh as bullet points. Resume :job/professional experience.Length of employment.Job duties.job achivements.relevant job skills:soft skills:team capability personal skills. Positive unique personal achivement or experience.Stardard resume headings: contract information:name address phone email. Job objective.Qualification summary:professional experience or achievement.Education: name of college,
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  • Spring '09
  • John Taylor, Jonathan Elias, achivements.relevant job skills, experience.Stardard resume headings, capability personal skills

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