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Unformatted text preview: Investor Title Request Part I: Request 1. To (Name, address, telephone of Closing Attorney) 2. From (Name, address and telephone of Investor)                         e-mail:                               e-mail:       3. Date 4. Estimated Closing Date             5. Signature of Investor Part II: Property and Seller Information 6. Sale Type (check all that apply) Subject To All Cash Seller Financing Other Financing 7. Approximate Purchase Price $       8. Property Address       County:       9 Property Type and Location House Townhome Condo Subdivision 10. Seller’s Name and Address                   11. Seller’s Phone Number 12. Seller’s SSN             Part III: Trust Information 13. Trust Name       14. Trust Address             15. Name of Trustee 16. Name of Successor Trustee             Part III: Mortgage Information 17. First Mortgage Holder       18. Loan Number 19. Phone Number             20. Second Mortgage Holder       21. Loan Number 22. Phone Number             Part IV: Special Instructions       Please attach a copy of your sales contract to this order! Copyright 2005 Auto Pilot™ Systems, Inc. Investor Title Request ...
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