Lender Payoff Request

Lender Payoff Request - (f) The total amount of payoff; (g)...

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LENDER PAYOFF REQUEST RE: Borrower(s): Name of Borrower SSN: Social Security Number Address: Property Address Loan Number: Loan Number To Whom It May Concern: This letter serves as a written request that a payoff statement, good through  Payoff Good Through Date be prepared to the above-identified loan and faxed to  Fax Number. Please be sure to include:  (a) Your street address for overnight delivery;  (b) The type of loan;  (c) The principal balance as of the last payment;  (d) Interest through the date of payoff;  (e) Any credit given for escrow balances or other items; 
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Unformatted text preview: (f) The total amount of payoff; (g) The daily rate of interest; (h) Whether taxes are paid for the current year, and if so, the amount and date paid; and (i) If there is an escrow balance, whether it will be refunded separately or included in the payoff. Your prompt attention to this matter is greatly appreciated. Very truly yours, ________________________________________ LENDER PAYOFF REQUEST Your Name LENDER PAYOFF REQUEST...
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Lender Payoff Request - (f) The total amount of payoff; (g)...

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