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Unformatted text preview: Private Money Request Part I: Lender Information 1. Lender’s Name and Address: 2. Payment Address:                                                 phone:       fax: e-mail:       3. Date:       4. Estimated Closing Date:       5. Signature of Lender:       Part II: Borrower Information 6. Borrower’s Name and Address:                         7. Borrower’s Phone Number: 8. Borrower’s E-mail Address:             Part III: Property Information 9. Property Address:                   County:       Part IV: Loan Information 10. Loan Amount: 11. Interest Rate:             12. Term:       13. Monthly Payment Amount:       years months 14. First Payment Date:       15. Type of Loan (check all that apply): Secured Unsecured Interest-only 16. Personal Guarantor: Yes No Balloon 17. Name of Guarantor:       Part V: Special Instructions Please note that special instructions may require additional drafting, which may incur additional attorney’s fees to close this loan. You will be advised of any such costs prior to closing. ** ALL FUNDS MUST BE RECEIVED BY THIS OFFICE IN CERTIFIED FORM AT LEAST 24 HOURS PRIOR TO CLOSING ** Copyright 2005 Auto Pilot™ Systems, Inc. Private Money Request ...
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