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Sellers Information Sheet

Sellers Information Sheet - Reason for sale How did you...

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S ELLERS I NFORMATION S HEET Name: Phone (day): Phone (evening): Cell: E-mail address: Property address: City State Zip Subdivision: How did you hear about us? Asking price: Estimated value: Do you still owe any loans on your property? 1 st mortgage balance: 1 st mortgage lender: 1 st mortgage int. rate: Payment: PI or PITI 2 nd mortgage balance: 2 nd mortgage lender: 2 nd mortgage int. rate: Payment: Are the payments current? (Y/N) If no, how much behind? (In $) Reason for sale? How did you arrive at your price?
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Unformatted text preview: Reason for sale? How did you arrive at your price? Is the house listed? (Y/N) Does the house need repairs? If yes, how much? (In $) When do you want to move? Would you sell your house for what you owe on it? Would you be willing to wait for some of your equity (if Applicable until we sell the house? Would you be willing to sell your house by allowing us to take over your monthly mortgage payments? Copyright 2005© Auto Pilot Systems, Inc Sellers Information Sheet...
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