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Trustee Authorization to Convey Property

Trustee Authorization to Convey Property - Said Trustee is...

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TRUSTEE AUTHORIZATION TO CONVEY PROPERTY Trust Name: Name of the Trust Date:  Date Property  Address Property Address State of  State in which documents are being signed County of  County in which Document is Signed The undersigned beneficiaries of that Declaration of Trust  Date Trust was Created (hereinafter the “Trust”), a trust created under the laws of the State of  State, do  hereby unanimously authorize  Name of Appointed Trustee, Trustee of  Name of Trust  to  represent all of their beneficial interests and to convey the property hereinafter  described, upon such terms and conditions as are deemed advantageous to the Trustee. 
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Unformatted text preview: Said Trustee is further authorized to execute any and all instruments, including but not limited to deeds, affidavits and closing statements, as may be necessary or proper to consummate said transaction. Property Address: Property Address Legal Description: Legal Description This the Day day of Month , Year. ________________________________________ Name of Beneficiary , Beneficiary Copyright 2005 Auto Pilot™ Systems, Inc. Trustee Authorization to Convey Property...
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