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A Taste of Honey jameson paper - A Taste of Honey The...

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A Taste of Honey: The Struggles In The Life of A Young Woman (Yes, this is my REQUIRED Jameson Paper.) Name: Poojan Patel RUID: 137008186 Section 1 First of all, I would like to say that this play was by far one of the most enjoyable plays I have ever seen because of its focus on the struggles of the middle class. The struggles of the middle class is a theme that I particularly find interesting. When I first saw the Jameson building, I asked myself whether this was a residence or a theater. When I first entered the basement my skepticism grew stronger. This place looked like no ordinary theater. However, once the play started I realized that this was true theater in action. Everyone was laughing and having a good
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time and just enjoying each other’s company. It is the atmosphere, the audience and the actors that make up a theater and not necessarily the location. The music, the acting, the lights, the props and everything seemed to work just fine when put together. The actors in the Jameson rendition of A Taste of Honey did a phenomenal job. These were a very unique and talented group of individuals that worked incredibly well together. The casting is brilliant with the pivotal role of Jo, the feisty, pregnant adolescent, convincingly done and much of the humor lies in the verbal sparring between her and her self-obsessed mother. The actor who particularly caught my eye was the one who played Geoffrey. His acting was perfect and his performance made the character seem real. Geoffrey is probably the most relatable character in the entire play. I see Geoffrey as a relatable character because like him I am caring, too nice to others, and can be somewhat of a pushover at times. The thing I enjoyed the most about the play was the mutualistic relationship that Jo and Geoffrey shared. Geoffrey needed a place to stay and Jo needed someone who was willing to look after her. It was nice to see the two of them work together to get through their hardships. One thing I did not like was how underappreciated Geoffrey was. Jo did not seem to understand how important it was to have
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A Taste of Honey jameson paper - A Taste of Honey The...

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