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expos essay 5 final draft

expos essay 5 final draft - The Deterioration of the Life...

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The Deterioration of the Life Experience Poojan Patel Expository Writing 10/31/11 Hilary Haakenson It is possible for language and culture to lead to the deterioration of one’s life experience. A language is a choice of a personal expression through which one can communicate thoughts and emotions. Experience is a reality that consists of the environmental factors that surround us and the choices that we make throughout life. One’s language can greatly affect his life experience. Language is a way of life and could be a huge part of someone’s culture. Different parts of the world speak different languages and could have a distinct culture which leads people that follow that culture to have specific life experiences. Sometimes restrictions that language and culture put on people can limit their experience. In Nafisi’s, “Selections from Reading Lolita in Tehran,” there is a very little sense of community in her world because the government, a threatening power, is oppressing the people. This oppressive government prevents people from crossing boundaries which skew their perception of the truth and their overall living experience.
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In Charles Siebert’s, “An Elephant Crackup?” there is between languages and experience in the space that humans and elephants share. As a result, there is a threatening power that oppresses people that live in a certain parts of Africa. Siebert believes that if humans would develop more respect for elephants it would help understand them better and improve the living experience for both humans and elephants. In Tim O’Brien’s, “How to Tell a True War Story,” there is some disconnect between the characters’ minds and reality. Ineffective communication leads to the characters to be swayed from the truth. Language is the key component to any culture. An ineffective language or means of communication deteriorates one’s life experience by limiting their freedom and skews the truth, which in turn creates an unsafe living environment. Effective communication makes it possible for people within a defined area to coexist without having a threatening power bring them down. In Nafisi’s world, the threatening power is the oppressive government of Iran. Many Iranians, including Nafisi, want to find an escape from this oppressive regime which they are forced to live under. If there was more effective communication among the citizens then the Iranian government would not feel so overbearing.
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expos essay 5 final draft - The Deterioration of the Life...

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