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Exam 2 Statistics Study Guide Continuous variables: can assume all values between any two given values of the variables (ex. heights of adult men, body temp. of rats, and cholesterol levels of adults). These are bell-shaped—approx. normally distributed variables. AKA normal distribution. Neg. Norm Pos. Symmetric Dist.: data values are evenly distributed about the mean. Neg/left (Tail of the curve indicates direction of skew) Skewed: mean is to the left of the median, the mean and the median are to the left of the mode, majority of data is right to mean Pos./Right skewed: majority of data to left of the mean, mean is right to the median, median and mean fall right of mode NORMAL DIST: continuous symmetric bell-shaped distribution of variable. Study variables that are not perfectly normally dist. but approx normal. Shape depends on two things: mean and SD. larger the SD the more distributed, Mean= diff positions on x axis. STANDARD NORMAL DIST:
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