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Remembering 9 11 - At the time of this happened there was...

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Anthony Passante September 12, 2006 323 words Remembering 9/11 Since it is a day after the five year anniversary of 9/11 I’ll write on that. It does not seem like that event took place five years ago. When I first heard the news I was in eighth grade in my geometry class. One of my ninth grade friends told me about how a plane hit the pentagon. After that class was over I went to my science class and our teacher talked to us about what happened and how the Trade Centers were also hit. She ended up breaking down and crying in front of the whole class because she was so shook by the event. Up until that point I did not know how serious this event was. Once I got home from school I talked to my Mother about what had happened. She already had the television on to the news channel and I remember pretty much every single channel had coverage of the hijackings and what the situation was.
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Unformatted text preview: At the time of this happened there was so much confusion. People were afraid of more attacks on the United States of America. September 11, 2001 will be a day never forgotten in the hearts of Americans. The day it happened I really didn’t know what to think. I guess I wasn’t affected by it because I didn’t know how it would affect our economy and our society from that point on. Even five years later, people that fly still worry about hijackings and airport security has raised a lot. I do remember immediately praying for everyone involved in New York and the Pentagon at the time. I prayed for everyone that may have been injured or killed in the attacks and I also prayed for their families and friends. I didn’t know how to help all those people so I did what I knew how to do and that was to pray....
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